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Askenni wishes one and all a very Happy New Year!

The year 2007 was good, and I wish and pray that the coming year should be better for one and all. I have already put up 2008 yearly predictions based on your Ascendant. And here I have made few predictions for few important people in the coming year. If you want to know about someone else too – just drop a mail at

2008 predictions for….

Pray for me brother!

I am reminded of a joke where a millionaire wanted to get married. He had called upon women applicants who in turn had to pass through several competitions to top the list of the probable brides. The competitions included – marathon (42 kms), high jump, long jump, cooking, stitching, oratory competitions, gymnastics, intellectual debates, spiritual inclination et al. After all the competitions were over ….

Bad Events? Keep flowing with a smile! - part 2!

The great singer S P Balasubramanian, music director Ilaiyaraja, and his brother Gangai Amaran were traveling in their Fiat car a couple of decades back. They were not very famous then, and were still struggling to make their names in the film industry. They were on a long drive on business purpose and all of a sudden their car toppled and fell into the nearby lake. The car was upside down and there were no signs of all the three!

Bad events? Keep flowing with a smile! – Part 1!

The year was 1996. We had to complete an internship at any of the newspaper organizations as part of our Mass Communication curriculum. Out of 17 students, 15 had already started their internships 20 days back. And the only people left out were my friend Chandru and me. No firm accepted us in Coimbatore & Chennai, hence we moved to Bangalore searching. The secular newspapers of India - The Hindu, Deccan Chronicle, and The Times of India – all of them said they prefer Kannadigas to Tamil students for internship and rejected our requests. Hence we had to move to New Delhi to find Internship for ourselves!

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