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Sex, Semen and Saints!

“If people think that I am a celibate, then I think they are fools.” Well that isn’t my statement. It was one of Osho’s statements, which he told a reported during his hay days.

On to my blog now…

God isn’t cruel to us!

Our aspiration of an ideal life is to be born perfectly with an extraordinary IQ, to study from premier schools and score the maximum marks, to get into number one institute for higher studies, to do our post graduation from foreign universities, to work in branded firms directly at managerial cadres, to get married to the first person we fall in love who is good looking, knowledgeable, sensuous and non-egoistic, to be blessed with kids at the time we want them, to have kids who are normal, to have kids who study well and to make them study from good institutes, to make them get the best of the jobs, and to pray for our kids to have a happy married life ever after….. We as human beings never want anything lesser than the above list. And if by chance there is any discrepancy in any of the aforesaid areas – we ask - why is God so cruel and that too why only me?

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