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I am not anyone’s ‘Guru’!

I get few mails where people address me as Guruji. There are people who call me Guruji. And there are few who think I am a real Guru, who can help them, achieve salvation. This kind of treatment makes me feel awkward and at times funny. Of course there was a time when I wanted to be a replica of Osho Rajneesh and wanted to create a weekend meditation resort. That way sometime back I also wanted to be like Krishnamachari Shhrikanth, who could smash the ball all across the ground.

Refer me but don’t promote me!

I had a Delhi-based chat friend a couple of years back. We used to chat online literally everyday, and she used to openly talk about all her problems of life with me. Thankfully I wasn’t an astrologer that time. Those were the days when I used to think being a good listener is a boon. It was much later I realized that to listen to someone woes or ‘dukh bhari’ story is to invite troubles – both on personal and spiritual front.

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