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My spiritual journey so far – part 5!

Understanding my urge towards spirituality, my teacher called me over the phone to ask whether I was interested to meet a real saint. I had read a lot about miracles and ESPs, but then never thought it was possible in real life. You indeed get transformed, when few things hit you hard personally. The saint’s name was Shantananda, and I left my office without anyone’s knowledge to join my teacher to meet the saint.

My spiritual journey so far – part 4!

My girl friend asked me, “you really want to attend Osho’s meditation camp? Or would you prefer a weekend with me?” And thankfully I chose the former - for deep inside I always knew that the path to godliness was far better than choosing girl friends or women. With the limited pocket money I was given by my father I saved some to attend a 3-day Osho meditation camp at Salem. And of course the meditation camp never had any group therapies – as most people could presume.

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