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My spiritual journey so far – part 8!

What if sitting in Chennai, you can say the colour of the dress your friend is wearing in Mumbai or Bangalore (of course without webcams)? What if by looking at someone you can say his educational qualification? What if you can tell someone their vehicle model and also its colour, by looking into their energy fields? What if you can just read minds, tell the problem, and also predict life events without allowing the other person open his mouth? And finally what if I said – those things became possible for me?

My spiritual journey so far – part 7!

I had read a 200-page volume about Kundalini awakening. I had attended those ‘VIBGYOR’ meditation camps, which ask you to think about different chakras in different colours. And after my kundalini experience, I have also attended meditation centers that claim to place your kundalini between your eyebrows on the very 2nd day of meditation. To me – they are all useless attempts and some of them are fake ways of making instant money. In fact the real thing happens in the most effortless moment.

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