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Few days of seclusion…part 2!

I am neither a fan of Ramana Maharishi nor his disciple. He was destined to get enlightened and he did. And his way of negation doesn’t and will not suit everyone on the path of spirituality. “you are not your senses, you are not your body, you are not your thoughts, then who are you?” The statements sound exciting and easy but do not help you much in the longer run. You will keep asking “Who am I?” And the answer will remain the same, ‘You’ are ‘You’!

Few days of seclusion…part 1!

I am back, and I should admit that I had an awesome time in seclusion. I think there is nothing like being ‘alone’ once in a while or when you really want to. And I am glad that I did this, when I was happy about how life is treating me. I read somewhere – only a happy mind can meditate, and I cannot disagree to that statement.

Far from the maddening crowd…

This is the first time I am doing this alone. I am cutting myself off from all communication and communication devices for 3 days and I am going far away from the maddening crowd. I will be roaming around as ‘nobody’ in an unknown place. I am already excited about the value time I will be spending with myself and of course God! Inshallah – I would love to spend these 3 days in complete silence. Will blog about the experience when I am back!

My spiritual journey so far – part 9!

This particular blog is the last in this series as 9 happens to be my lucky number!

Thrilled with the divine skill of seeing things and the psychic ability to crack human life patterns, I very ‘badly’ wanted to help people in a major way. Thankfully I didn’t run nude like Archimedes did after the revelation. But I at least ran till Mayajaal – a multi-plex on ECR - where they were conducting special programmes for Pongal. The deal wasn’t good, but then money wasn’t that I was looking for. All I wanted to do was to help some sincere seekers.

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