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The mud-slinging continues!

"kaminithottathil (7/12/2010 9:20:53 PM): Fuck off, like cheap indian politicians, who drag dailt card to escape from a controversy, you talk about west and east. Bullshit, just say sorry and hold your head high, that will earn you more respect than a meaningless blog post where you blabber without a clue for escaping. If you have the guts, keep the comments section open then you will know how your nasty ass is fucked roayally."

Who am I answerable to?

I got these messages on Yahoo messenger. The choices I had were - whether I should react or should I ignore them completely.

Beatriz: I think you should make Paul your Guru :)) lol

kaminithottathil: so, try your tarot for me too
kaminithottathil: pseudo astros' predictions are highly dependable, becoz we can take for granted that it will happen exactly opposite to the prediction

Who will win the FIFA World Cup?

Paul, the octopus, has been on the dot and also perfectly consistent in predicting the football ongoing. It has predicted ‘Spain’ to win the football World Cup. And I did a Tarot Card reading today to predict the winner and the cards showed Netherlands instead of Spain! So according to me ‘Netherlands’ will lift the FIFA World Cup!

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