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India in 2013!

First of all let me wish all my readers, friends and haters a 'Very Happy and SAFE New Year!' I am sure the events that took place in your life in the year 2012 were in synch with what I had predicted for you. And I hope that my predictions for the year 2013 would help you know what exactly can be expected in the coming 365 days, so that you are well prepared and well equipped.

Now let us move on.....

2013, 2014 - the years of death!

Osho beautifully says, death isn't the end of life - it is the climax of life. Hence whatever is created by God or human - has to die or get discarded one or the other day. Few people see it as a bad end, and a few others perceive the same as a new beginning. As an astrologer, I sometimes feel that I have an upper hand as I know who is going to die when (of course by looking at their horoscope.) And death, of close people or others, for me is just another aspect of prediction, which is clearly visible in anyone's natal chart.

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