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How to use astrology to 'avoid expenses'

First Rule - Save Your Ass

"This particular blog is a work of fiction any resemblance to man dead or alive is mere coincidence."

Onto the blog....

When it comes to making money or multiplying it, financial experts across the globe have always spoken about how to curb your expenses, how to save money, and where to invest them and how. But none have spoken about where to avoid expense and where NOT to invest. And the only science/art existing in the world that can help you do this is astrology. Remember on any given day - 'a penny in hand is worth two in the market.'

Happy New Year

I wish one and all a very happy and prosperous new year. May this year bring all the joy and happiness into your lives, and may all your dreams come true - just as my predictions ;) Have Fun!!

Investments and astrology!

Ninety per cent of the people seek astrological help only after they get totally fucked up. Honestly there is no point blaming them. I haven't seen anyone yet seeking a doctor's help when they are perfectly alright. Things have to go wrong for people to believe, and it goes wrong for everyone - or else astrology and astrologers would have never survived for hundreds of years now.

"How to benefit from your readings?"

A client of mine who consulted me 2 years back, and for whom my predictions worked out perfectly well buzzed me on yahoo messenger to shoot a million dollar question today. "How to benefit from your readings?" This ain't an easy question to answer and I spent some 4-5 hours of meditation to find an answer to this wonderful question!

The day I stopped sketching!

Being a math genius himself my father wanted me to be just like him, and I was nowhere close. I hated going to school, and I hated mugging up things and replicating the same in exams. For me - child labour is better than sending children to school who aren't interested in studies. My interests lied somewhere else - I liked being alone, I liked to sketch, and loved to spend time with my mom in the kitchen cooking. I am sure my father would have burnt me alive if I had given him the slightest idea of me harnessing a dream of making a career in cooking or sketching!

My mission - possible!

My sister and Rashmi Bansal are two of the few people who think my astrological services are quite expensive. Not just that - I have lost many of my clients 'forever' because of this increase in consultation fees. People have argued and also tried to convince me to provide my services at a lesser price - neither did I bother nor did I care about what others were/are saying - because I know what I am doing, and I know what I am doing is right!

Desperation, Vulnerability, and Helplessness!

If a man hasn't experienced desperation or vulnerability or helplessness in his entire life then he surely is an unfortunate person. And if a man 'has' experienced desperation, vulnerability and helplessness and not become wise in the process then he is more unfortunate than the previous one. That way I have been highly fortunate - I have experienced all of them and have been showered with loads of wisdom, which help me guide people day in and day out!

Your opinion matters - part 3!

Just when I was waiting for a negative feedback - so that nature's balance remains intact! Well I am happy about the consistency about right predictions though!


Dear Mr. Kennedi


Your prediction about my timing of marriage is completely out of track. You prediction was start of January 2010 before that u simply said not possible. But My marriage happened in June 2009. Where as using the same details a local astrologer predicted correctly. So I am not satisfied with your prediction.


Thanks and Regards

Raja Ghosh

Your opinion matters - part 2!

Here are 'opinions' of couple of people who took 'ALL' the trouble to react to my last blog immediately!


Hi Kenni,


I have been an avid reader of your blogs for the past 2 1/2 years. I was seeking a goal and needed (re)affirmation and was all prepared to hear what I have beenwanting to hear when I consulted you. And then I stood  totally flabbergasted in front of the naked truth you revealed without bothering about what the client (I) might feel or think, unlike most astrologers existing today.

Your opinion matters - part 1!

"Kennedi is a very warm and empathetic person whose friendship and fundas on life I value. I will never forget the day he came to pick me up at Chennai railway station at 5 am, in his typical barefoot style and broad smile. We have our difference of opinion on many subjects but I respect his views and feel 'is bande mein kuch to hai'."

 - Rashmi Bansal (author of Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish and Connect the Dots....)

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