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Created a Facebook page for askenni

I know it is a lot late doing it, but then it is better late than never. I have created a new Facebook page for my website and it is I will be updating the page with my daily thoughts/opinions, new astrological services and special offers. You can have a look at the page and if you like it, hit on the 'Like' button.

Computing without computers!

Life is a game!

I have been playing this game called ‘Tomb Raider Anniversary’ edition, which I think is considered to be one of the best games by most gamers. I should accept - it is really tough to crack few secrets. In fact I have fallen in virtual love with Lara Croft already. Just 2 days back I was stuck at one place for nearly 2 hours without knowing what to do next? Thank god - I somehow cleared the path and went to the next level. With more and more gaming – I have come to realize something very important about human life pattern. And I think there is a lot to learn through these computer games.

My guest lecture at ‘Madras Christian College’

One of my friends/clients thought that I could talk good on the topic of Internet. And he put me across to a staff working for Madras Christian College, Chennai, who in turn called me to give a guest lecture on the Internet. Well the subject has always interested me a lot – because I started my career with a dotcom, worked only for dotcoms, and today I am making a living out of dotcoms. The Internet has always been a passion for me, and I strongly felt that I should share whatever I know about this particular industry after 11 years of sincere browsing experience.

Need some profe$$ional help!

It is my turn to seek some advice. In the process of enhancing my website, I am seeking some professional help. If you are my blog reader or my client or my friend or any stranger kindly mail me if you can be of some help to me. I need someone who is good at Movable Type Content Manager, HTML pages, and loads of common sense and good knowledge of the Internet business. I am a profe$$ional astrologer, hence I am aware of your compensation part - I would be more than happy to pay you the market rates for your expertise, time and effort. (You need not necessarily be from Chennai, India, you can exist in any part of the world)

My mail ID is –, my mobile number is – 92813 09013, and my Yahoo Messenger ID is

It is a bit urgent and important too…

God Bless All

The Anti IT Attitude!

The latest issue of Outlook has an interesting cover story. It is about how the IT industry has supposedly affected the otherwise green and culturally rich garden city. The article made a good read but what disturbed me was how the locals thrashed few IT guys recently just because they happen to belong to this newly emerging reserved genres. This heinous act is far worse than communal violence or racial discrimination. Of course violence is good, but then the reasons behind it should be strong enough – and this particular occurrence I feel is the most shameless thing that can happen in a Cosmo City called Bangalore!

Civilization stopped me!

I had been using Sify Broadband for nearly 2 years, and I never had any complaint about the speed it provided. But then the problem always started when it rained in Chennai. May be Sify’s technology was made adaptable only for Chennai’s weather. The moment it drizzles, which rarely happens in Chennai, the net will get disconnected. Normally it would take at least 10 days for me to get it rectified but this time it took 2 long months, and it never got rectified.

Walk the talk with my 4-year-old daughter!

My first daughter Tejeswini is the first student of the school I run – ‘Atmosphere’ – no bags, no homework, no headaches. And the second student happens to be my second daughter Priyadarshini! Atmosphere focuses on bringing out the individual talent that is already hidden in a child from birth, than imposing a set pattern on a naturally growing child. After attending Kiruba’s meeting on Videoblog and Podcast, I thought it is high time I started podcasting too. This is my first attempt into this new craze. I need to thank few important people, without whom I would have never thought about putting it up at all.

Kiruba (who gave us an awesome presentation about how it has to be done), Sujatha (of podbazaar) who spent nearly 2 hours with me on Yahoo messenger sitting in California to make me understand the process step by step, and of course my 4-year-old daughter who accepted my invitation for a 2 minute interview at once.

This particular podcast is in Tamizh and runs for 2 mns, you can either listen to it online or download it in Mp3 format. And when the show was on, my second daughter who is 2, was a bit jealous that she wasn’t interviewed….you will be able to hear her saying naaanaaa naaanaaa meaning ‘me me’ in Tamizh.

Or Click here to download

Our First Video Blog

Kiruba, as always, took the initiative of conducting something new. And this time he had conducted a small meeting to learn what video blogging is all about. I expected few elderly professionals to take us through the whole process, but then it was a team of youngsters, still in their colleges, stepping forward with lots of energy to makes us understand the complete workings of video blogging – right from how to capture them in movie devices till how to upload them on to the net.

Mail addressed to Mr R Ramaraj MD,

(If wrong things are criticized, good things have to be appreciated. I had sent a complaint mail to R Ramaraj, MD, Sify, after 3 days of struggle with service engineers directly. To my surprise I got a call from the Sify office within 12 hours, and the person over the phone promised to set my internet right before 1 pm. And as promised he sent across his service engineer and got my connection rectified. It was indeed fast!)

Dear Mr R Ramaraj,

I live in Velacherry, and have a Sify Broadband connection at home. And I am typing this mail sitting at my Sister’s place in Adyar at 8 pm to upload my stuff on the Internet, who uses BSNL broadband. The simple reason being your connection ain’t working for me for the last 3 days. And this repeats exactly after a fortnight.

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