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Why men will become eunuchs soon

Long back - one of my friends, a girl, asked me what kind of wife do you expect in your life? I said, I will marry someone who will cook good food for me, wash my clothes properly, keep my house clean, and raise my children with love and discipline. She got a bit offended. She said, your wife isn't your maid. I replied I don't want my wife to be a maid rather I would want my maid to be my wife. She had nothing to speak. She is 45 years old now - still single, travelling across the globe alone, and being fucked by strangers wherever she meets. Whoever told her taking care of a man/husband is equivalent to being a maid!

Gays aren’t different. They are sexually ‘challenged’!

Till 5 pm IST, 15th November, 2009
I had this soft corner for gays, thinking they are sexually different and they have different sexual orientation. And if by chance any gay had made any move towards me – I probably would have ignored him decently or made him patiently understand that I am a heterosexual and not a gay.

Post 7 pm IST, 15th November, 2009
I can bet my head that gays aren’t sexually different, but they are mere sexual bastards wanting to justify their perversion. And if by chance any gay makes any move towards me – I will give them 2 tight slaps first and then a kick on their balls.

Your wife could be your soul mate!

Right from college days I had been a storehouse of porn content. It was magazines in college days, and when technology developed and I started working in branded firms it was porn CDs. One fine day one of my friends was pressurizing me to get some good CDs from home. I was wondering why all of a sudden he is pestering me so much, when he always knew it was easy to get them from me. In fact for him it was a matter of promotion, his boss wanted to watch few CDs in a week’s time, and the reason was – his wife had gone to her mother’s house, and he wanted to enjoy life in her absence!

Though I might sound a bit stupid and outdated today – but then I always was for the concept of child marriages. Just because one fly fell into a gallon of milk, throwing away whole of the milk wasn’t a good idea. Of course there were few factors, which needed immediate attention – like widow remarriages. But then Indian systems always had remarriages and it was few people midway - who screwed the system completely.

A friend of mine called me to say what an astrologer told him once. That you should not masturbate. Masturbation is an unhealthy practice and that it will lead to hair loss and low semen count. I started masturbating at the age of 13 and till 23 never missed a single day (at 23 I got married). Probably I missed 30 days between 13 & 23, and that was because I could not get enough privacy in my NCC camps. You can check out the hair part looking at my picture here, and also I have 2 healthy daughters from my marriage, and am all set for more kids. Osho Rajneesh & Thatvagyaani Vethathiri Maharishi are people who have supposed to have sublimed their sexual energies completely – but both of them are bald, and to my knowledge Osho never had kids! So what is the moral of the story? Masturbation isn’t a taboo or an unhealthy practise. Instead it is a good stress relieving exercise, which can be intelligently used for spiritual growth.

Dealing with your woman's manipulation

This article is not mine, this was written by Matthew Fitzgerald & I lifted it from (the main influence behind me naming my site In fact I would have loved to write an article on similar lines….honestly it is an interesting read... go on….

Guys, take this mini-quiz. Do you:

*Agree to go to "chick flicks," the opera, plays, etc., even though you don't want to (and she never reciprocates by attending the events you enjoy)?

*Always pick up the tab for dating expenses, even though she has an excellent, high-paying job?

*Have sex only on her terms and only when she's "in the mood"?

*Suddenly find yourself changing your clothing, hairstyle, décor, and car according to her demands?

*Act as her door-to-door chauffeur, problem-solver, financier?

*Keep calling her (and making excuses for her behavior) when she doesn't return calls or is otherwise "unavailable"?

The abstract concept called virginity – part 2!

The dictionary says that virgin is a person, immaterial of gender, who has not experienced sexual intercourse. Sex and sexual intercourse have similarities and differences too. Sex has various stages right from holding hands, rubbing skin, kissing, hugging, fondling, caressing, holding genitals, helping each other masturbate, oral pleasures, fingering and many other steps before the final sexual intercourse happens. Sexual intercourse essentially means the final penetration by man into a woman, which leads to orgasm for both. The question of virginity is at stake only at the last stage of sex i.e., during sexual intercourse and till then both men and women play a safe bet – logically!

The abstract concept called ‘virginity’ – part 1!

All of us form our opinions and thoughts based upon the people we meet in our lives, the books we read, the knowledge we gain from various sources, the personal experiences we have in our lives and the environment we are subjected to. As rightly said by one of the yet to be famous authors that opinions are like as****e, every one has got one. I too have something to share based upon the 200 friends I have made, few 1000 clients, and few 100 acquaintances. Thanks to the film star Khusboo to have brought up the issue, which has now become a national debate. After solving issues related to poverty successfully in India, the politicians have started to solve the premarital sex issue!

Sexual Favours – it ain’t about sex, it is about power!

Just a couple of days back, I was chatting to one of my friends/clients who is closely associated with the film industry. She is a mega serial producer today, and has acted in a couple of movies few years back. It was during that period when Tamil film director Thangarbacchan had to apologize for the controversial comment he passed about film actresses. I told my friend that, “I hear a lot about the film stars & their secret lives, but then I always doubt the credibility about the news.” And she very honestly reverted saying, “I hear a lot about astrologers & their phony tales, but then I always doubt the credibility about the news!” One tight slap I should say!

It was ?AIDS? Day yesterday. So?

I somehow don?t understand why these kind of dumb special days are celebrated. Valentine?s day is a day to express your love hence we get gifts for our near and dear ones, Mother?s day - ok we thank out mother for her love, Father?s day ? accepted we thank our dads for the support. And now ?Aids? Day? What are we supposed to do on this particular day? Have wild sex? Or get in touch with any of our schoolmates, who is suffering from Aids & give him an Archies card? Or go to the nearest AIDS center and tell them that they are going to die soon? Or sit at home and Thank God that the lady we had sex last time wasn?t having AIDS!

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