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When I am in your city/country!

1) I hate to spam your inbox.
2) I am sure you don't visit my website everyday.
3) I could be visiting your city and you would never know.

By God's grace I keep traveling these days for astrological readings, and it could happen that you wanted to meet me in person in your city/country and you were not informed about my travel plans at all.

Why Shahrukh Khan is the real 'KING'!

Fascinated by my long beard and dark skin tone the white skinned Europeans always wanted to initiate a conversation with me. Walking by next to me they would always ask, "are you from India"? I would say yes. And the next comment that followed would be, "oh Bollywood? Shahrukh Khan"?

It was one hell of a ride!

Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Austria, and Hungary. Well they are the countries I covered in the last 3 months of my Europe trip. It was an exhilarating experience with loads to learn from the European culture and their lovely people. Selected pictures of the trip are uploaded on my Flickr page and also on my Instagram. I will be writing about my experiences in a new section dedicated to 'Travel' in the days to come. Till then - Have Fun.

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