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If you seek knowledge, seek it fully. Partial knowledge is always dangerous, and could prove you dumb at times. I had a cousin, who unable to withstand his parents’ torture, ran away from house when he was a small boy. For some 10 years he lived away, and was working in one of the weaving industries in Uttar Pradesh. That particular company was good, and they would save half the money he made in his bank account. After 10 years he returned to his native, and the first person who recognized him was me. He could not talk anything but Hindi (he forgot all the Tamil he knew), he would dress like a bhaiyya (no derogation meant), and also sit like a bhaiyya. He shared all his experiences with me, but he had a big doubt in his mind. He showed me the bank pass book he was carrying with him. And he innocently asked me, “will the money I made in the previous place valid here?”

I come across various kinds of people everyday – through yahoo messenger or mail or by direct consultation. And a special genre of people always surprises me. Off late I have started seeing a particular pattern in them. Though the number of these people getting in touch with me is negligible I thought I could write a blog about them so that I can send this particular URL to them, whenever some others try the same stunt on me.

Dad expires leaving behind a huge vacuum in our hearts!

I was mentally prepared. And astrologically I knew it could happen any time. My dad was really running a bad time starting June 2005 till November 2006. His horoscope didn’t support his life, nor did mine. I had told my close people about what to expect, but then my sister wanted to reconfirm the same from my teacher K Gopalakrishnan. We consulted him 20 days back, and without mincing word he said – very difficult for your father to survive. Knowing the future could be troublesome, but then it really can make you prepared for the worst.

I had predicted that he would get into Star TV, and that he can expect interesting & positive news on his job front before June 30, 2005. Star didn’t call up, but my friend got permanent in the existing organization - which of course they made him as if they are doing a BIG favour. More than getting on the roles, he was happy about the salary hike that was part of the deal. We had decided to meet up in the month of July, if nothing worked out till June. It was already July 7th, and we had not met as yet.

Friend/Client gets into Star TV as predicted!

Human mind has the habit of taking credit to all that happens in our lives or happens through us. If it is ‘us’ who are responsible for what happens in our lives or around us, then everyone would become a doctor after completing their 12th & every one would prefer to marry none but Jennifer Lopez.

He was watching a movie in his office during lunch break. One of the managers walks in and fires him from the job in the month of May 2005. The couple (Mike & Susan) gets a shock and the initial panic affect all in the family. Getting a new job isn’t easy even in the US, and not all have enough savings to remain jobless for months together. They are none but my American chat friends who I met through the internet in the year 2000 - it is 5 years now and we still are going strong.

How destiny works!

In depth knowledge, innovative ideas, professional education and hard efforts - if you think these things will take you to the peak of success then probably you have missed to understood how good karma or human destiny works. Human success hardly depends on the aforesaid factors - it completely depends upon the good things you have done in your past lives ? and that is clearly visible in anybody?s horoscope.

Saturn transit & its effect on Corporate Lives!

If an astrologer can know the future, why can’t he win a jackpot? If an astrologer knows when he is going to die, why can’t he escape death? And if an astrologer knows everything about his own life, why can’t he become a millionaire? There are few common questions that are posted to an astrologer by few supposedly intelligent people. The answer is simple – astrology depends on the law of destiny, and even astrologers are born with a set of karmic limitations.

When I was called a fake!

A couple of months back one of my friends (a girl) who also is my astrology client accused me of being a fake astrologer. And I knew she was serious and not joking. It seems her friends told her that I didn’t know anything about astrology, and that I read charts to impress the girls and later take them for a coffee!

A brand called Askenni!

And finally I got my design done and I extent my sincere gratitude to ‘Nellore ka King’..a.k.a Vaamsy Vardhan, and I am glad it happened. There is lot to be done as yet. Do check the page and give me your valuable suggestions. It is here!

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