How people try to outsmart destiny!

According to Wikipedia – “Destiny is a predetermined course of events. It may be conceived as a predetermined future, whether in general or of an individual.” Well, Vedic Astrology is the only subject under the sky that believes and upholds the fact that humans are just puppets in the hands of God and all those events that take place in and around any human being are all pre-destined. Having said that, in my 20 years of being a professional astrologer – I have encountered many who try inefficaciously  to outsmart their destiny. 

Not only today but for ages humans have tried to win over destiny and unfortunately have lost the battle miserably. Sometimes they think a lot of human efforts can change their destinies and sometimes they try to apply their own logic to change it. Say, a man is going through a rough patch and he is destined to die in a year’s time. So what if he gets married to a woman whose horoscope shows a long life for her husband? Will he die or he won’t die? Logically he should not – but then astrologically he will! 

When people consult me for their business prospects, and when I say astrologically I don’t see you ever becoming a businessman – the first question they put forth is, ‘what if I start the business in my wife’s name?’ Oh wow, I think – ‘that indeed is an interesting question, but the answer remains the same because it is eventually your wife and not your neighbour’s.

People having astrological combinations for two marriages are told to marry a tree first or a donkey to avoid remarriages. What kind of joke is that, when according to Indian astrology the concept of marriage is applicable only between a homo sapien man and a homo sapien woman and none others? 

In another instance, one astrologer told one of my acquaintances to donate her ‘mangal sutra’ to a temple to save her marriage. She did, and in a few months the husband deserted her for another woman. Now what? She lost both – her husband and her gold ‘mangal sutra’ – in a matter of 12 months! 

So my advice to you is to keep your bird brain logic to yourself and surrender to the will of God than trying to fiddle with the esoteric, which you have the least knowledge about. 

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