What does Ask ‘ONE’ Direct Question mean!

In an ideal world, I would want you to first take up a ‘1’ Hour Live Chat consultation with me wherein I will reveal everything about your past, present and future, and also let you know about your purpose in life. Later, again in an ideal world, you can go in for Yearly Prediction report every year – where in I would provide a detailed report about what all will happen in a particular year i.e., in the 12 months time frame along with answers to your specific questions. Both these would suffice for guidance – till I am alive or you are live. But then it isn’t an ideal world.

We have our own budget constraints, and also we don’t want to know everything about our lives all the time – the kick and adventure sometimes might get lost. Hence I have various astrological services catering to specific needs of clients, and my entry level service happens to be Ask ‘1’ Question service – the cheapest one, and the one that can help you decide whether you should consult me just one time or continue consulting for your future needs.

But then there are confusions here as well. A lot of people don’t understand what Ask ‘1’ Question really means. They think it is ‘ONE’ area of concern. No, it is not. Ask ‘1’ Direct Question means ONE direct question related to ONE single horoscope.

*The following questions are ‘NOT ‘Ask ‘1’ Questions:

(Both the questions were sent to me by my clients to be considered under Ask ‘1’ Question service, which I had to promptly refuse)

Q1) Do you see my parents living with me in the near future without causing any friction for them or us. (or) is it possible that we live long distance all thru our lives (or) do you see me/my family moving back to India for them?

To answer the above question astrologically, I will have to analyze the parents horoscope, and also the native’s and his family’s horoscopes.

Q2) I am currently working for an IT services since 2008 and wanted to know when will I land a new job offer/move to a different company/country which would yield me better career prospects than the current one.

Well the above question is an amalgamation of three direct questions –

Q1) When will I get a new job offer?

Q2) When will I move to a different country?

Q3) Will my next job offer be better than the current one?

*So what does Ask ‘1’ Direct Question actually mean?

The question should be associated with ‘ONE’ single horoscope, and also be a straight and direct as one of these –

Q1) When will I change my job?

Q2) When will I get married?

Q3) When will I buy a house?

*Questions that looks ‘ONE’ but aren’t

Q1) We are married for 8 years, and we don’t have children yet. When will my wife conceive?

Q2) My family owns an ancestral property, when will we be able to sell it?

Though these questions seem single, they aren’t because to answer them I will have to analyze multiple horoscopes and not one.

My humble suggestion to you would be, always drop me a mail at whenever you are planning to go in for Ask ‘1’ Question service or any of my other services before making any payment. It would benefit both you as a client and also me as an astrologer.

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