Why the next 10 years are important for the millennials!

There is a vast difference between how humans lived prior to year 2000 and after it. No wonder humans born after the year 2000 are called the ‘millennials’. Though it is just not more than 2 decades since, a lot has changed or at least the rich and powerful are trying very hard to change.  

LGBTs were never celebrated in our days, single moms were never considered as holier than thou. A child had a single father (biological) or max a second father (a step father in rare cases) and not 3 gay fathers coming together to raise it, celebrities had their children the natural way and not through surrogacy or adoption, gender was assigned and not a choice, sexual perversion was considered bad for the society and not as freedom of preference, porn was expensive and water was free and we aspired for more friends than followers. And if I have to add – women, kids, and teens dressed more morally and the man of the house set the rule for their dressing limits. Unfortunately, it just took one generation to convert the husbands into cuckolds, and fathers into pimps.

With the advent of the internet and the concept of instant gratification – the millennials are a bit delusional about what success means. They somehow have not been told very clearly that success does not come over night. It takes 20-30 years for anybody to become successful, and that too after you slog your ass off till you bleed. 

You get your children an iPhone, an Apple watch, an Apple computer at the drop of a hat and think that is how you express your love. But as a parent you have failed to make them understand that to lead a meaningful life – you need discipline and that things don’t come easy in life. 

The worst thing you can provide your children with at their tender and formative age is ‘comfort’, and if you do – you have screwed up their entire life. Comfort is the worst enemy of humans, and once provided and then removed (by destiny of course) a person will cross any limit and do any kinds of compromise to get it back, not necessarily the right one. 

Now that you as a parent has failed to raise a responsible child in the society, with no moral values or discipline, and no sense of respect – where do you think they will be in the next 10 years? (Let me say if I am addressing the kids born in the year 2000 and later). You would have paved way to a fucked up life and a fucked up society.

Let us wait and see 🙂

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