The ongoing corruption fees as on June, 2023 in Tamil Nadu

I was driving one of my relatives around in Tiruppur (the largest exporter of knitted garments in India) with regards to a gift settlement deal. The case was simple – the mother gifted her house to her son, and here are the details of departments we had to visit and their respective corruption charges. 

There is some improvement now of course as far as what happens in comparison to what used to happen a couple of decades back. Those days, none asked you to pay a corruption fee, they would rather delay your case deliberately to an extent that you get fed up and either die or end up paying them to get your work done. Today with technological advancement, Internet penetration, GDP growth, smart phones – they ask you directly and shamelessly. And with cashless transactions and Digital India movement – none accepts cash these days, they ask you to transfer the money through PayTM or Gpay. 

Village Administrative Office – Rs 500 for patta ‘copy’.

Registrar’s office – Rs 5000 (it increases with increase in the value of the property).

Name change in patta, Taluk Office – Rs 1000 for assistant Tahsildar.

Electricity Name Change – Rs 1500 (Rs 1000 for Assistant Director and Rs 500 for the Junior Engineer).

I am sure the Indian readers of this particular blog are thinking, “well those are quite nominal charges.” That is the very problem with India and Indians :). Long live corruption.

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