Will Tamil actor Vijay ever become the CM of Tamil Nadu?

What I had blogged/written on August 29, 2008 

“Vijay Kanth has launched a party in Tamil Nadu, Sharath Kumar has launched a party in Tamil Nadu, and Rajini Kanth might launch a party in Tamil Nadu – but none of them will become the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. And this holds true for Chiranjeevi too – he won’t become the CM of his state……”

And what I had blogged/written on September 17, 2017 (that is before Kamal Hassan had lost the elections in Coimbatore) 

“So the prediction is – Kamal Haasan and Rajini Kanth will be nowhere close to becoming important leaders let alone being the Chief Ministers of Tamil Nadu. Kamal might end up becoming a personality like Cho Ramaswamy – a political critic.”

Tamil cinema Super Stars have this strange desire – they see politics as their retirement plan. Once they start to realise that their hairline is receding, and that wrinkles are becoming prominent and that they don’t have much energy to dance around the trees with hot and skimpily dressed heroines – they launch their political party. They want to resurrect in a new Avatar, and without any ideology and without any real concern for the people – they want to directly become the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. And this has happened time and again, but none has ever succeeded except MGR in Tamil Nadu and NTR in Andhra Pradesh.

Both MGR and NTR were an exception, and they cannot be taken as examples, and you cannot keep fooling the citizens with your silver screen persona forever. Movies have evolved, and so have human beings. 

A story is written by someone, the dialogues are written by someone else, someone else produces the movie, and finally a director directs it. The character played by any actor is just an extension of what the writer thought the protagonist should be. If the protagonist starts to believe that he has become what was written for him – that means the actor suffers from a psychological problem. That is what happens to most Stars – they start to believe that they really can jump from a plane and land safely ON a hot air balloon without a parachute ‘just like that’.

Well Mr Vijay, my best wishes for your political party but then I am sorry to say that astrologically you will never become the CM of Tamil Nadu ever. And I would also add that – you will not even have a political identity.

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