‘Why are you so negative?” Complained my wife!

A business that was started with triumphant fanfare by one of our apartment residents closed down recently. I read the ‘For Sale’ board hanging outside the closed shutter. I asked my wife, “do you still remember the number of months I had told you that this will shut down?” She answered, “yes,” dispiritedly – probably because she didn’t like the smile on my face. A right prediction is always a big achievement for any astrologer – even if it is ‘death’ of a close relative. 

“Why are you so negative?” She complained. “This won’t work out, that won’t work out, this will flop, that will flop,” she added. “How I wish worldly events manifested according to my thought process,” I replied. “In that case I will be the first person to have negative thoughts about our prime minister,” I added. 

Negative or positive events don’t manifest just because some astrologer or seer or saint wants it that way. But instead a good astrologer is always able to see what is coming beforehand and he surely will mention if that is the case. So be prepared always. 

On the other hand I have noticed this strange phenomenon with the middle class and the upper middle class people in India. They won’t mind spending lakhs in setting up a new business but then they will always want to consult an astrologer who charges Rs 100 for guidance. And if the business closes down the reasoning they offer is, “well we at least tried and learnt our lesson.” Of course grapes are always sour and the price you paid for the useless lessons you learnt could have been used for a foreign travel.

So when my wife said, “please don’t be so negative in life.” I replied, “well that is the price you pay to have chosen to being married to an astrologer. Don’t complain.”

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