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Ms J Jayalalithaa's health

Ms J Jayalalithaa is one of the two important women I have always admired in my life so far - the other being Saint Teresa. Her health condition is in news for a while now, and I have been contemplating of writing this particular blog for a while - because it is kind of difficult to predict events for someone for whom you might lose your objectivity.

War between India & Pakistan in next 3 yrs!

Name of the country - India
Date of birth - 15th August, 1947
Time of birth - 12.01 am

I know it is quite strange and funny for people who don't know or understand Vedic Astrology that horoscope of a country is cast based upon its formation date and time. And as we all know that India formally got its freedom from the Britishers on the midnight of 14th/15th August 1947 - hence the time is taken as 12.01 am. The astrologers who advised the government to choose the auspicious time for Indian Independence were - Hardeoji and Suryanarain Vyas.

Will Kashmir become an independent country?

Astrologically Kashmir will surely become an independent country in the coming years. It is just a matter of time.

Few blogs I had written earlier...

March 2008

'And astrologically in the coming 50 years, I strongly feel that India will split into more states and countries based on 'personal identity.'

Few predictions for India in the coming years

I have been having a long beard since the year 2004 - the days when people used to give me a dirty and disgusting look. Some would taunt, calling me a swamiji and some would make fun of me referring to me as some fraud Babaji. It went to an extent that a 'lift operator' advised me against a long beard saying - Jesus Christ has said not to a have long beard in the Bible! I never knew which testament that motherfucker had read and from where. I cared two hoots about all of them. And today when I move around in public places people look at me with awe - long beards are in fashion I guess. Some men stop me to ask - so for how long have you been having your beard, and I proudly say - 12 LONG years!

Why Priyanka Gandhi will be the next Prime Minister!

Nambungal Narayanan was a famous Indian psyhic who lived in Chennai. In fact his one day earnings were more than what SIfy Astrology collectively did in a month. Also a famous movie was made inspired by him in Malayalam starring Mammooty - Iyer, The Great. He used to have these premonitions, which he religiously wrote in a notebook - and they all came true.

How astrology helps

In the year 2004 when Jayendra Saraswathi was arrested for his possible involvement in a murder the media had a ball of a time. The media, which the innocent people across the globe think is always right, was highly successful in tarnishing the image of the seer, and also had succeeded in damaging the belief system of many. I know many a people personally who started abusing the saint. It is an irony that 90 per cent of the educated people don't understand the difference between accused and proven guilty. Plain accusation is enough to carry out a perfect character assassination.

Will India split into more states and countries?

It was in the year 2009 that I had predicted Andhra Pradesh will split in a matter of time. And it took close to 4 years for Telengana to be born - India's 29th state. Now the question is whether India will split into more states and countries in the coming years? The answer is a clear yes. The first separate country to be split away from India would either be from the South direction or North East direction of India. Let's wait and see....

Here is the link to what I had predicted in the year 2009 -

Will Nelson Mandela survive long?

I was reading a beautiful report on Nelson Mandela, which I have posted in this particular blog. As I was going through the report, my astrological side prompted something. Will the years 2013 and 2014 prove fatal for this great soul - and unfortunately the answer was yes! We will have to bid adieu to this great soul very soon.

We have crossed 2012 alive!

It was in October, 2011 I got this mail -

Hi Kenni,

I am Abinaya. I'm doing my MA Communication in MOP Vaishnav College for Women. I need a quote from you about what you think about the rumours that the world is going to end in 2012. I need your opinion from an astrological point of view. I am doing an opinion poll on this topic and your quote is very valuable. This is for my college project.

Thank you.

Thanks & Regards
Abinaya V

And here is the reply I had given -

India in 2013!

First of all let me wish all my readers, friends and haters a 'Very Happy and SAFE New Year!' I am sure the events that took place in your life in the year 2012 were in synch with what I had predicted for you. And I hope that my predictions for the year 2013 would help you know what exactly can be expected in the coming 365 days, so that you are well prepared and well equipped.

Now let us move on.....

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