Revolutionaries Vs Politicians!

‘This blog is dedicated to Seeman the leader of NTK (Naam Tamizhar Katchi) who in recent times is celebrated for his revolutionary ideologies and fiery speeches in Tamil Nadu.’ When you want to sell your product, you need to study your target audience or market psychology thoroughly. You either create a demand and then sellContinue reading “Revolutionaries Vs Politicians!”

My luck with contests & competitions

My default setting with any contests and competitions in my entire lifetime has been ill luck.The concept of winning ‘by chance’ has had an aversion to me right from the days I remember myself. It’s not many times that I have bought lottery tickets but then whenever I got them the numbers were aligned inContinue reading “My luck with contests & competitions”

Not fighting for righteousness is a violence on yourself!

We are not sinners because we sin, but we sin because we are sinners (a line copied from a Hollywood movie). Moreover the planet isn’t a paradise and humans aren’t Gods. We are indisputably a God’s curse dumped onto the mass of mud to toil, reproduce and die.  Don’t ever fantasize a day when yourContinue reading “Not fighting for righteousness is a violence on yourself!”

Time to find & name your true religion!

I am a Hindu but don’t necessarily have any allegiance to ‘Sanatana Dharma’. My practice of reverence to the almighty was imbibed into Hinduism only because it didn’t match the way of the Christians or the Mohammedans or the Buddhist or the Jains or any other organised religions that existed on this side of theContinue reading “Time to find & name your true religion!”


He had realised by now that memorising things isn’t the real education. And never in his wildest dreams did he ever imagine that he would be rendered jobless for almost 6 months after completing his post-graduation. Something that had made his parents proud. Parents’ happiness dwindled away after a month, and the condition deteriorated byContinue reading “SELL THIS PEN TO ME! – A SHORT STORY”


He had gotten used to the adrenaline gush by now. It didn’t bother him much and it was not a big deal anymore to slide a chocolate bar into his socks and behave as if nothing happened at the billing counter. “Is that all?” asked the guy before printing the bill out. “Yes,” replied IshvarContinue reading “‘COUPLET 292’ – A SHORT STORY”


(A short story inspired by a true event)(Names changed to maintain privacy) Muhammed’s 3-year-old son Ram was crying relentlessly searching for his mother. It was 8 am, when Muhammed woke up annoyed with the sound of his wailing son. He was surprised to see Rahim, who should have been in school by now, still lyingContinue reading “‘THE SEER’ – A SHORT STORY”


(A short story based on a true event)(Names changed to maintain privacy) However bad the situation would be, or how much ever life would crush him under its foot, the only vow he had been sticking to since he was a teenager was “never to steal from others.” Arasan never wanted to follow the footstepsContinue reading “‘THE FIRST LESSON’ – A SHORT STORY”


(A short story based on a true event)(Names changed to maintain privacy) The 5-star hotel was just 100 metres from his residence but Mr. Nayar never felt the necessity to visit it ever. He was completely content being desk bound at home reading the vast collection of English books he possessed, and relishing the piquantContinue reading “‘REVENGE’ – A SHORT STORY”

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