Can anyone escape the ‘bad time’?

There are only two aspects in human life astrologically – a good time, and a bad time. In good time – no matter what you do the divine will bless you with everything – house, vehicle, money, wealth, and fame. And sadly in bad time –  you could be an exemplar in your decision makingContinue reading “Can anyone escape the ‘bad time’?”

I never new that “this” will work!

Indians by culture are very intruding. They have the least idea about concepts like individual space or privacy. Of course I love the idea of one ‘Vasudeva Kutumba’ but you cannot just barge into anyone’s intimate zone just like that and behave as if you are a long lost country cousin. I stay at homeContinue reading “I never new that “this” will work!”


I encountered few youngsters recently, who were quite disturbed about the direction in the world is going. Gay marriages, new pronouns, gender identity – these are few new concepts that are being infused into our DNA in recent times by the rich, the powerful and the Whites – and not all are comfortable imbibing themContinue reading “WHY THE WORLD IS MOVING TOWARDS SELECTIVE BREEDING, NATURALLY”

Why the next 10 years are important for the millennials!

There is a vast difference between how humans lived prior to year 2000 and after it. No wonder humans born after the year 2000 are called the ‘millennials’. Though it is just not more than 2 decades since, a lot has changed or at least the rich and powerful are trying very hard to change.Continue reading Why the next 10 years are important for the millennials!


Love, violence, dominance, territorialism – they are innate in all animals, but ‘insult’ is distinctive to humans. So far I haven’t come across any literature that proves the existence of the concept of ‘insult’ amongst the animal clan. Humans are so special to experience it by fellow beings and also to exist in a positionContinue reading “Insult”

An ode to the Brits

Thanks to you for your in-numerous contribution to India. You were the first to tag us collectively as ‘Indus’ (because of the Indus Valley Civilisation), which eventually became ‘Hindus’ – a mammoth umbrella that sucked in and nurtured all the other belief systems except Islam and Christianity.  You were successful in keeping our country ‘secular’Continue reading “An ode to the Brits”

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