Why the next 10 years are important for the millennials!

There is a vast difference between how humans lived prior to year 2000 and after it. No wonder humans born after the year 2000 are called the ‘millennials’. Though it is just not more than 2 decades since, a lot has changed or at least the rich and powerful are trying very hard to change.Continue reading Why the next 10 years are important for the millennials!


Love, violence, dominance, territorialism – they are innate in all animals, but ‘insult’ is distinctive to humans. So far I haven’t come across any literature that proves the existence of the concept of ‘insult’ amongst the animal clan. Humans are so special to experience it by fellow beings and also to exist in a positionContinue reading “Insult”

An ode to the Brits

Thanks to you for your in-numerous contribution to India. You were the first to tag us collectively as ‘Indus’ (because of the Indus Valley Civilisation), which eventually became ‘Hindus’ – a mammoth umbrella that sucked in and nurtured all the other belief systems except Islam and Christianity.  You were successful in keeping our country ‘secular’Continue reading “An ode to the Brits”

I honestly pity the male professors in co-ed colleges!

I am 47-years-old, and I was at a college recently and I witnessed a 20-year-old girl wearing a skimpy top. Her cleavage was prominently visible, and if you could zoom in better you could get a glimpse of at least 70% per cent of her boobs. If you think I sound like a pervert already,Continue reading I honestly pity the male professors in co-ed colleges!

How our apartment dealt with cat menace!

If you are an animal lover then there are few simple things you need to always remember – an animal eats, it looks cute and cuddly, and the same animal pukes and shits. You cannot conveniently ignore the last but vital part and call yourself an animal lover. If you love an animal? Then youContinue reading “How our apartment dealt with cat menace!”

How people try to outsmart destiny!

According to Wikipedia – “Destiny is a predetermined course of events. It may be conceived as a predetermined future, whether in general or of an individual.” Well, Vedic Astrology is the only subject under the sky that believes and upholds the fact that humans are just puppets in the hands of God and all thoseContinue reading “How people try to outsmart destiny!”

Why I keep my car dirty from outside, deliberately

A lot of people below the poverty line in India think that cars drop from the heavens for most people. They fail to understand that people have to slog their asses off to posses one, if not the present generation then at least the previous generation would have bled from their asses for their childrenContinue reading “Why I keep my car dirty from outside, deliberately”

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