My ‘REFUND POLICY’ explained

Though I knew a lot about astrology when I started off as a professional astrologer in the year 2004, it took me many years to understand how to handle clients. I never knew clients could be manipulative, they might cheat, or they might use the astrologers for their own benefits or they would be smart asses trying to throw their fucking attitudes at you. Well, I am still learning every single day about how to handle a new client more efficiently. It happened in the year 2004, when someone consulted me providing me his birth details. 

I did a reading for him, I had predicted a job change in the following 6 months and it never manifested. He got back to me saying, my predictions didn’t work out. I checked his horoscope again and spent a couple of days analyzing what could have gone wrong? I wasn’t happy with the update of course. 

It is a rule that whenever an astrologer’s prediction goes wrong, the clients attitude changes with it. The respect he/she had while consulting goes out of the window, and the astrologer should be ready to hear some harsh words from the clients. The same thing happened. He wasn’t using the right words to interact with me anymore. I had no choice but to refund his fee, and he finally shut up. Forget about the money part, all that I was bothered about was why did my prediction go wrong?

After a year or so the same client got back to me saying, there is an error in his birth details! His time of birth is different from what he had provided me. So, can you do a reading again? He asked. The only answer I gave was, ‘FUCK OFF.’ He has been asking me to do an astrological reading since the year 2005, and even today I refuse to do a consultation for him – because it is always ME who selects the client, and not vice versa.

I held on to this incident for many weeks. I wasted my time and expertise on a wrong horoscope and on top of that I refunded the money, for no fault of mine. And what did the client lose in the process? Nothing. A worthless apology doesn’t work with me – I’ve got a memory of an elephant – neither do I forget nor do I forgive. 

Everyone comes to me with a particular set of birth details, and I do a reading based on the details provided. Of course every client thinks the birth details they provide is the correct one – but remember it wasn’t you who noted it down, it was someone else who did it for you. So never be 100 per cent confident about the details you provide to an astrologer. It may be wrong.

The simple rule is if your birth details are right, the planetary placements and your life events – past, present and future – should match perfectly. If it doesn’t and all the predictions given out by astrologers are coming out wrong – then you better get your birth details rectified. 

So how does my refund policy work? I will refund the fees if my predictions go wrong but ‘ONLY’ when I have approved your birth details. 

Now what on earth does approval mean? I approve your birth details ONLY when you have gone in for 1-hour-live consultation or Time Rectification service – wherein I predict your past, present and future and also match your horoscope with your life events. This is the only way ‘I am’ 100 per cent sure that birth details you provided were absolutely correct, and there is no other way. 

You can go in for any of my services later, and if my predictions go wrong – you have all the rights to ask for a fee refund. But if you go in for any of the other services without me approving your birth details, and my predictions doesn’t come right – then there is no way I will be refunding a penny. There is a possibility that your birth details were wrong! And I don’t want to waste my time, money and expertise on it by refunding your fees and pay for your mistake.

Also there won’t be any refund if – 

– you find my predictions going against what you were planning to do in life.
– you are dissatisfied by the astrological jargons I might have not used.
– you find my predictions completely in tangent with other astrologers’ prediction.
– you are offended by my predictions.
– we end up fighting in between.
– you are disrespectful.
– you use offensive language.

If you have any doubts or confusion about my ‘Refund’ policy, you can drop me a mail before making that final payment for the consultation. 

May Peace Prevail.

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