Can anyone escape the ‘bad time’?

There are only two aspects in human life astrologically – a good time, and a bad time. In good time – no matter what you do the divine will bless you with everything – house, vehicle, money, wealth, and fame. And sadly in bad time –  you could be an exemplar in your decision makingContinue reading “Can anyone escape the ‘bad time’?”

How people try to outsmart destiny!

According to Wikipedia – “Destiny is a predetermined course of events. It may be conceived as a predetermined future, whether in general or of an individual.” Well, Vedic Astrology is the only subject under the sky that believes and upholds the fact that humans are just puppets in the hands of God and all thoseContinue reading “How people try to outsmart destiny!”

What does Ask ‘ONE’ Direct Question mean!

In an ideal world, I would want you to first take up a ‘1’ Hour Live Chat consultation with me wherein I will reveal everything about your past, present and future, and also let you know about your purpose in life. Later, again in an ideal world, you can go in for Yearly Prediction reportContinue reading “What does Ask ‘ONE’ Direct Question mean!”

My ‘REFUND POLICY’ explained

Though I knew a lot about astrology when I started off as a professional astrologer in the year 2004, it took me many years to understand how to handle clients. I never knew clients could be manipulative, they might cheat, or they might use the astrologers for their own benefits or they would be smartContinue reading “My ‘REFUND POLICY’ explained”

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