I honestly pity the male professors in co-ed colleges!

I am 47-years-old, and I was at a college recently and I witnessed a 20-year-old girl wearing a skimpy top. Her cleavage was prominently visible, and if you could zoom in better you could get a glimpse of at least 70% per cent of her boobs. If you think I sound like a pervert already, you can stop reading further and if you are a gay then you better quit reading now. 

No, I didn’t turn my face away to prove my decency to an indecent expression neither did I kept staring – I had my part of fun of course. As a wise man once said, ‘freedom is always two ways’ – if you have the freedom to flaunt, I have the freedom to watch – it is as simple as that. Her dressing sense didn’t disturb me at all. In fact I was appreciable towards her parents to have brought their daughter up so bold in a conservative society like India. But at the same time none can deny the fact that – with freedom comes great responsibility. 

Though a lot of stress is given to sex education, and about wrong touch and right touch etc…I thought I shall provide some basic sex education for women of the millennium who think flaunting their assets has no implications whatsoever on the men whom they encounter in their day-to-day life. And here it goes….

There are only three kinds of men in the world – the boob lover, the ass lover and the pussy lover (and the men who don’t agree to it are outright gays). This rule holds true for all the men – right from an auto-rickshaw driver to a CEO of a company to national leaders to spiritual gurus. The scanning process of a man (starts at age 11 until death) with normal testosterones starts from a woman’s face, then it moves to her boobs, and then to her ass and most of the times vice versa. And it remains the same across the gamut of man-woman relationship. If you haven’t caught a man noticing your assets, it simply means he has put a ‘HELL’ lot of effort to act asexual.  Well, you will never ever know how he imagined you in his thoughts otherwise. 

Now let us get to more basics. It ain’t a Porsche or a BMW or a Sony camera or a castle that gives a man an erection. Men are simple beings unlike women, and the only thing that can give a man his rightful hard on is a woman’s body. And men, unlike women are not choosy in these matters – they can get an erection any time, any place, caste no bar, creed no bar, age no bar – provided the right amount of flesh or asset is portrayed in a sensual way. And this ain’t freewill – it is science and it is how God/nature has created men – and no amount of civilisation can uproot this natural affinity in men towards women amongst normal heterosexuals.

Well, women are different psychologically. They aren’t thinking about sex all the time like men. And a lot of men even today aren’t aware that women dress up sexy to make their female counterparts jealous more than to attract men. For men it goes unsaid that if a woman dresses up inviting, his manhood ought to get thrusted up in the hope of a possible copulation.

Unlike men, women never get attracted to man’s assets. It simply means that if a stranger dresses up in a way that his manhood or balls are partly visible or visible completely – a woman will never feel sexual (until and unless it is Brad Pitt’s or Tom Cruise’s balls hanging out) but instead she will feel disgusted and they instantly will ignore. Now that ‘feeling-of-disgust’ is not the yardstick a woman should be using to perceive men’s feeling towards women’s body. 

Psychological research finds that women always date upwards in social hierarchy – meaning a middle class woman will never date or feel sexually attracted to a vegetable vendor or a security guard but instead will find movie stars or successful men more attractive. This ain’t true with men at all – a woman is a woman right from a maid to a movie actress or a female conglomerate. So if you as a woman think that a man in lower hierarchy than you has no right to get sexually attracted to you, the way you haven’t – then you are mistaken. ‘Men’ refuse to see your social status when it comes to sexual attraction and courtship. And a provocative attire indeed is a reason for an instant boner for any man at any given time. 

Culture of course plays a major role in understanding to what extent a woman’s body can excite men belonging to different land masses. The whites who are completely ok with their wives in bikinis at beaches or completely nude in a sauna surely would have taken a major offence had their messiah been naked like our Mahavira. 

In a couple of Asian countries men don’t stare at women if they wear short skirts but give a nasty look if their cleavage is visible. They approve of thighs but not the boobs. 

Even in modern Western countries push up bras and flaunting assets are (is) considered rude until and unless the situation demands. 

So here is a request to women in India, please do not dress up or make your daughters dress up in way that you wouldn’t approve of your mothers. 

And why do I pity the male college professors? Just imagine 20-year-olds flaunting their assets wearing sexually provoking garments all through the day at colleges, and unfortunately the innocent male professors should behave as if nothing happened to their testosterone levels and innocently focus on teaching curriculum looking at their eyes when their minds are wavering somewhere else and lower!

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I am a professional astrologer from India.

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