Love, violence, dominance, territorialism – they are innate in all animals, but ‘insult’ is distinctive to humans. So far I haven’t come across any literature that proves the existence of the concept of ‘insult’ amongst the animal clan. Humans are so special to experience it by fellow beings and also to exist in a position to try it on others. 

If you are born a human, you ought to experience insult at least once or many a times continually in the journey of your life. Strangers, family members, relatives, colleagues, bosses, friends, children, spouse – you name them and they are waiting for an opportunity to put you down without an iota of remorse. 

Of course there are many self help books, motivational talks and spiritual philosophies that tries to guide you about how to handle an insult efficiently. Most would say – forget and move ahead, some would say – forgive and focus on the future, and a few would say try to ignore it completely. But none of them helps a mortal much because the more you try to let go, the more you fail. The truth being that an insult eats you from the inside and leaves a permanent scar on your being, absolutely changing your future course of action and reciprocation in dealing with other human beings. But then it can undeniably teach you many lessons depending upon how you process the sick feeling, and in how much time.

Instead of focussing on how to forget or forgive an insult, or blame and abuse the person who brought it on you, the next time you are put in a similar position just step back for a moment and ask yourself a simple question – ‘why do you think you were insulted?’ 

Humans unfortunately find orgasmic pleasure in establishing their dominance on another human being by default. Caste dominance, race dominance, colour dominance, power dominance, status dominance, intellectual dominance – they all exist and they will continue to exist for eternity. You cannot eradicate them from the face of the earth, but then there is a way to play it safe and to prove your worth.


“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” – if you still believe in that crap then may God bless you, and you can stop reading further. There is always a standard for ‘beauty’ in a particular culture/land mass and God deliberately doesn’t create everyone good-looking by those standards. So the first step for you is to stand in front of the mirror and stare at yourself and rate your looks on a scale of 10 (where 1 is bad and 10 is excellent). Once you are done with the rating – etch that number in your soul, mind and heart and from now you will never forget that number. And always remember that a person whose score is higher than you will be respected more and insulted less than you, and the person whose score is less than you will be less respected and insulted more than you.

(Please don’t ask your parents, siblings, spouse and relatives to rate you for God’s sake – they are going to lie for sure)

Will be continued as part 2..

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