I encountered few youngsters recently, who were quite disturbed about the direction in the world is going. Gay marriages, new pronouns, gender identity – these are few new concepts that are being infused into our DNA in recent times by the rich, the powerful and the Whites – and not all are comfortable imbibing them into their thought process and culture. Few avoid discussing the topic, few have openly accepted the new trend, while few others have become defiantly rebellious. 

With age catching up, these things doesn’t really bother me much as it used to. The number of years I am going spend on this planet is surely lesser than the years I have already lived and thankfully I existed in a period that was more sane as compared to now. 

Modern humans assume that being gay is a choice but then psychology suggests that it is a genetic disorder. Well, with time science will also prove that a minority of people are in fact born abnormal and that they get attracted to their own gender and there is nothing to normalise or celebrate. It is similar to someone being born with a squint or flat foot – it is abnormal, and it is ok. There is no mammoth reason to form a community, or have a flag or for congregating to demonstrate the abnormality. Relax.

Being gay is not a new phenomena – it existed from time immemorial, just that they never got acceptance by the normal human beings. People once lived in small places geographically and small communities, and gays being minority never had much of a choice but to either hide their sexual interest and behave normal or keep hitting on normal men. Well, that was the time they were hit back brutally. 

Meeting another gay was next to impossible in a time when there was no Internet, and not many gays knew that there existed people with similar sexual orientation. Thanks to the internet of course, it is all out in the open and in a way it is good.

Those days, gays who behaved normal got married to opposite sex, reproduced under desperation, and buried their orientation and died unsung. Well, today gays have the power to date, mate, even marry another gay and also adopt children and raise them. But the scientific truth remains that for a human child to be born, two heterosexuals have to have sex because gays reproducing on their own is not in the God’s plan (like the way a mule born to a horse and a donkey cannot reproduce).

If you force gays to get married to opposite sex, and if being gay is a genetic disorder – what happens next? The offsprings that are born will surely have similar genetic makeup, and they may turn into gays as well. That is how gays have survived all through the years of human evolution. 

Today as gays marry gays, and adopt children from heterosexual couples, and being gay being a genetic disorder and not a choice – what happens? Logically in the next 100 years there won’t be anyone with gay genes! 

So in a way the rich and the powerful who support and normalise gay marriages knowingly or unknowingly are helping the nature towards selective breeding.

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I am a professional astrologer from India.

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