Revolutionaries Vs Politicians!

‘This blog is dedicated to Seeman the leader of NTK (Naam Tamizhar Katchi) who in recent times is celebrated for his revolutionary ideologies and fiery speeches in Tamil Nadu.’ When you want to sell your product, you need to study your target audience or market psychology thoroughly. You either create a demand and then sellContinue reading “Revolutionaries Vs Politicians!”

‘Why are you so negative?” Complained my wife!

A business that was started with triumphant fanfare by one of our apartment residents closed down recently. I read the ‘For Sale’ board hanging outside the closed shutter. I asked my wife, “do you still remember the number of months I had told you that this will shut down?” She answered, “yes,” dispiritedly – probablyContinue reading “‘Why are you so negative?” Complained my wife!”


I encountered few youngsters recently, who were quite disturbed about the direction in the world is going. Gay marriages, new pronouns, gender identity – these are few new concepts that are being infused into our DNA in recent times by the rich, the powerful and the Whites – and not all are comfortable imbibing themContinue reading “WHY THE WORLD IS MOVING TOWARDS SELECTIVE BREEDING, NATURALLY”

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