Not fighting for righteousness is a violence on yourself!

We are not sinners because we sin, but we sin because we are sinners (a line copied from a Hollywood movie). Moreover the planet isn’t a paradise and humans aren’t Gods. We are indisputably a God’s curse dumped onto the mass of mud to toil, reproduce and die. 

Don’t ever fantasize a day when your upheld righteousness will be put to strenuous test on a war front that you need to fight barbarically against your own blood relatives. Lord Krishna’s job was over long back, and he is done and dusted. On the contrary everyday for a human being is a war, and you inevitably will stumble upon assholes every single day who will take a piece of your mental peace casually with their wrong doings. I met such an idiot in the gym today.

He is not a regular at the gym and I haven’t noticed him for the last 8 months. But he made sure he made a permanent impact on me today. Two fans are fixed just above two treadmills – on one I was walking and on another this idiot was. The breeze was not as usual and I wondered why? He had switched off the fan above his treadmill. Fair enough. No complaints so far, as few people don’t like fans blowing air on them while they are exercising. He was done with his walking, and all of a sudden I started to sweat profusely. I raised my head, only to notice that he had switched off my fan as well, and went on to do some other exercise at another corner of the gym. May be he switched off my fan by mistake, I presumed. 

By now I was done with my walking, and I switched on all the fans except the one under the bench press he was doing. I went to the open area attached to the gym to get some fresh air, and again all the fans were switched off!! He left me with no choice but to confront. I asked, “why are you switching off all the fans? You can switch off the one that is above you.” He replied unperturbed, “what is the purpose of fan in a gym?” “That is a wrong assumption. The gym will start stinking with the smell of sweat,” I replied and switched on all the fans again. 

I know that there are many retards who think they will sweat more if they exercise without switching on the fan or A/Cs and thus feel they accomplished a lot at the gym. By that fucking logic, a swimmer should never sweat!

The game of switching on and switching off of fan went on for a while till the asshole left the gym after his 30 mns ordeal. Once he left the gym, I charged again to switch on the left out fans and addressing another gym mate, I vociferously yelled, “he is a fucking idiot. Why the fuck is he switching off all the fans?” And my gym mate gestured me to talk softly as that asshole might hear, who just stepped out of the door. I was in fact deliberately loud. “He comes every alternate days, and leaves in 30 mns. So I ignore him,” he said. “Meaning he does this drama everyday?” I asked curiously. “Yes, he will switch off and then not remember to switch it on. The next time he does it, please ignore,” he requested. “We need to care about our temperament,” he added. Motherfucker! Next time he switches the fan off, he will be history.

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