My luck with contests & competitions

My default setting with any contests and competitions in my entire lifetime has been ill luck.The concept of winning ‘by chance’ has had an aversion to me right from the days I remember myself. It’s not many times that I have bought lottery tickets but then whenever I got them the numbers were aligned in a way it was nearly impossible to breach the matrix. 

Online contests and competitions I would participate with utmost zeal but never have I heard back from anyone ever. Like they say it fell on deaf ears, for me it landed with a purblind person I guess.

After many a decades I got a mail from Mr Tony Fernandes of Airasia, asking me to participate in a slogan competition. No, he neither is my friend nor a client – but as I happen to be a member of Airasia I received the mail that could probably would have gone to millions of his valued customers. 

The mail read – the best tagline will….win one year’s worth of travel experiences! My god! That indeed was mouth watering enough to squeeze my brains, and write something that comes to my mind. Who knows? I could get lucky this time!

To double check my decision and to be completely clear of any other doubts whatsoever, I asked my wife, “should I try writing the slogan for Airasia’s Super App?” “Why not? Definitely,” she encouraged.

The time was 11.30 pm and I was all set to dig up my corroded vocabulary and give my creativity a massive spin. And before that I googled to check the tagline of all the other existing airlines, just to be sure I don’t send what already is done and dusted.

Words kept falling and I typed them all – 

Spread Your Wings
Fly High
Come, Explore The World
Lift Your Spirits
Airborne YOU
Just Take Off
The Sky Not Taken
Drone Yourself
Lift your soul, body and mind
Your Sojourn Abode 
Attain New Heights
Just Feel Good
Happiness Bound
Happiness and Beyond
Arrive in Style
Fly Top of the World
Making Memories to Cherish
Flying for You, Always
Just Fasten Your Seat Belt
Ready to take you off
Non-stop Exploration
Mindfulness from New Heights
Soar High
Sky is the limit

Once I was done, I asked my wife to have a look and she said, “they all look great. All the best.” And she dozed off. It was 1 am and I was all set to enter the contest but then yet again I was absolutely despondent.

I copy pasted one important part of Terms and Conditions in my Wife’s WhatsApp window and went to sleep self beating. 

“b. this contest is only eligible for participants located in Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia based on the Internet Protocol geo-location detected; and..”

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