My luck with contests & competitions

My default setting with any contests and competitions in my entire lifetime has been ill luck.The concept of winning ‘by chance’ has had an aversion to me right from the days I remember myself. It’s not many times that I have bought lottery tickets but then whenever I got them the numbers were aligned inContinue reading “My luck with contests & competitions”

I never new that “this” will work!

Indians by culture are very intruding. They have the least idea about concepts like individual space or privacy. Of course I love the idea of one ‘Vasudeva Kutumba’ but you cannot just barge into anyone’s intimate zone just like that and behave as if you are a long lost country cousin. I stay at homeContinue reading “I never new that “this” will work!”

How our apartment dealt with cat menace!

If you are an animal lover then there are few simple things you need to always remember – an animal eats, it looks cute and cuddly, and the same animal pukes and shits. You cannot conveniently ignore the last but vital part and call yourself an animal lover. If you love an animal? Then youContinue reading “How our apartment dealt with cat menace!”

Why I keep my car dirty from outside, deliberately

A lot of people below the poverty line in India think that cars drop from the heavens for most people. They fail to understand that people have to slog their asses off to posses one, if not the present generation then at least the previous generation would have bled from their asses for their childrenContinue reading “Why I keep my car dirty from outside, deliberately”

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