Who are we fooling?

I drove some 2000 kms within India in the last 10 days, and the police checked my car close to 20 times. Elections being around the corner, the police stopped my car – asked me to open the dash board, then the boot, and then asked me – ‘whether I am carrying any cash.’ They let me go once I answered, “no, I am not carrying any cash.”

A couple of years back I happen to give a cop on election duty a lift. Though he was talking about how he got into the police department, and how much corruption fees he had to pay to get the post, the only important thing that I could grasp and remember was that the police checking happens just 1 month prior to the election dates. 

When a fucking layman like me can know that vital info, you think the politicians aren’t aware of that?? Why would anyone with a sane mind move cash for votes during ‘that’ bloody month prior to elections? With my limited brains, if I were a politician, I would move the money at least 6 months before the election dates are announced.

Anyway, by checking the private vehicles for cash what are we trying to establish in the largest democracy in the world? That politicians give money for votes? That votes are buyable? And we, the largest populated country in the world, are assholes who accept money to vote to a particular political party? Shame!

Instead allow people to accept money from all the political parties and then they either can decide not to vote or vote to the political party that did not give money.  
Police Department – I have a few simple questions for you – ‘do you really think politicians will use commercial vehicles and private vehicles to smuggle money into their constituencies?’ 

‘Do you really think, even if they use private and commercial vehicles, they will stack money in the dash board and the boot?’

Lump some money is always transferred in government vehicles, and ambulances in any 3rd world countries. And if politicians corrupt our police department enough, they will carry your money safely to your desired constituency. Then why this drama of checking all the vehicles? Who are we trying to fool in the process??

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