Can anyone escape the ‘bad time’?

There are only two aspects in human life astrologically – a good time, and a bad time. In good time – no matter what you do the divine will bless you with everything – house, vehicle, money, wealth, and fame. And sadly in bad time –  you could be an exemplar in your decision making capabilities, but the divine will take away everything that you possessed that includes money, fame, prosperity, respect and good health. No one in the world has ever escaped this particular life pattern ever – right from Kings or rulers to ministers to stars. They all had to finally bow down to their fates which is predestined.

What you see in the life of an individual is only 10% of the reality. A well-dressed man wearing the most expensive shades driving in the latest Ferrari could be someone who suffers from erectile dysfunction. A man living in a villa with a private pool possessing the latest high end cars could be someone whose wife is sleeping outside the marriage. 

Things were a lot different a couple of decades back. It was a general norm that after education, you have to strive really hard to taste success which ‘may’ come to you in your 40s. But today you look around – instagramers, YouTubers, tiktokers – they are all young, robust, and already famous and making money that the previous generation could only dream about. So how does life balance the good time and bad time in their lives? 

A person who struggled and toiled for 30+ years to be successful in his field of expertise feels like a fool in front of a teenager who is successfully minting money by posting crap on social media. It is impossible to justify by saying that the teenager has put more effort in life than the 50-year-old. Not true….
It all depends upon in which time frame of your life you ran your good time. A sports person runs his best time in the early part of his life – like say Borris Becker who ran a great time till 32, and then life pushed him to a situation where in he had to sell off his medals for survival. And most successful businessmen run a great time in their 40s and 50s as they run their bad time in their initial part of life. 

And what about the Social Media influencers, the stand up comedians, and the people who rise to fame in one viral video? They will all come down at the pace they went up, and the people who are all done with their bad time will rise up. 

PS – the best example for one viral video is Psy of Gangnam Style. Please google and read about what happened to him.

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