Revolutionaries Vs Politicians!

‘This blog is dedicated to Seeman the leader of NTK (Naam Tamizhar Katchi) who in recent times is celebrated for his revolutionary ideologies and fiery speeches in Tamil Nadu.’

When you want to sell your product, you need to study your target audience or market psychology thoroughly. You either create a demand and then sell your product or sell where there already exists a demand for your product. They unquestionably are the two most vital axioms of any successful businesses. Unfortunately Seeman fails at both of them indisputably.

Seeman is a fierce supporter of slain LTTE leader V Prabhakaran who has had blood on his hands for killing Rajiv Gandhi, the former Prime Minister of India. V Prabhakaran, before his assassination during Sri Lankan’s Tamil genocide, was also slated as a Tamil fundamentalist and a terrorist by various international bodies, and that doesn’t go ok with the Congress supporters of Tamil Nadu who had once elected Congressman K Karamaj as their Chief Minister in the late 50s and the early 60s. 

Seeman is vehemently against TASMAC – (The Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation) – a company owned by the Government of Tamil Nadu, which has a monopoly over wholesale and retail vending of alcoholic beverages in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It controls the Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) trade in the state – and its functioning. He articulates that he will bring back Toddy brewing, which according to him is better for his people. This of course goes against the principles of the drunkards of Tamil Nadu, who contribute 33,811 crores (2021 record) for the TN government, who strongly feel that drinking is their birth right and they shall have it every night!

Seeman is against corruption, against any political alliances, against nationalised parties like Congress or BJP to reign over Tamil Nadu, against veteran and well established regional political parties like DMK and AIADMK, against giving out money for votes, against TASMAC, and finally against Super Star Rajini Kanth getting into active politics. All these revolutionary ideas – though sounds inordinate – have zero value among the Tamil lots. 


Corruption is not something Tamilians wanted a leader to fight for. Every Indian is corrupt, and every individual is part of that corrupt fabric that constitutes the country as a whole. We have corruption so deeply engrained into our DNA and culture that we have lost the ability to differentiate between honesty and corruption. In fact, Indians don’t want to even accept that India has been lurking as a 3rd world country for the last 60 odd years after independence ONLY because of corruption. The concept of corruption is imbibed into the system right from getting your birth certificate to acquiring your death certificate.


To win in a democratic set up like India, you need to get your numbers right about the ‘seats’. And honestly one leader cannot perform magic and miracles in all the possible constituencies his favourite candidates would contest from. Tamil Nadu still votes based on caste, and the caste of the local representatives. And if Seeman does not compromise on that, he might win from his constituency but his candidates winning from their respective constituency is a big doubt. 

In fact no established political party can win the necessary seats without proper alliances, even if their ideologies clash big time.


The literates and the educated crowd make their voting decisions based upon editorials in English newspapers, and from intellectual opinion leaders. They see things from a perspective, they presume will be good for the country as a whole in the long run. That elite crowd won’t vote for a revolutionary like Seeman who shouts about Tamil unity on top of his voice. The supporters of Congress and BJP will stick to their national parties come what may. 


As rightly depicted in the Vijay starrer Tamil movie ‘Sarkar’ – political party is a ‘brand’, which people cannot forget for years even if they put lots of effort. Why else do you think they paint the walls where it is easily visible, hoist their political flags in the most prominent places, post their faces on billboards and hoardings, and insert front page ads in the largest circulated newspapers and magazines? They want to remain top of your mind even if you don’t want them to. DMK and AIADMK are big brands, who have always succeeded in selling their souls at the right time, at the right place to the right people for bigger ulterior motives. And they have always succeeded by doing so. You can never see a crowd fighting to lay their hands on an Oppo phone, when the iPhone exists. 


Indians are very virtuous by nature, and live by their own definition of integrity. Women tend to vote for the political party that give them money first and it is always first come, first serve. In fact I have personally known women refusing to take money from other political parties saying, “I have taken money from XYZ party already promising to vote for them, so it won’t be righteous on my part to take money from you.”

Men are not the same. They are different. And their decision making capabilities with regards to voting during an election is unique. Men vote for the political party that sponsors a quarter bottle of alcohol and 1/2 plate chicken biryani. Men indeed keep it simple. 

Seeman will lose big time in this scenario, if he keeps refusing to allocate money for getting votes.


Any political party now, or in the future that talks or hints about banning alcohol or alcohol consumption in Tamil Nadu will fail miserably. Period. (I am hinting at Seeman of course)

– Super Star Rajini Kanth 

Tamilians have eternally been searching for their political leaders on the silver screen. They still seem to ardently believe that the dialogues uttered by a protagonist in a said film is his own, and not been written by a professional dialogue writer. Their brains fail to comprehend that the protagonist of the movie could be a worse human being than the antagonist in real life. Hence Rajini Kanth had a mammoth chance of becoming the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu in the mid 90s without any political experience whatsoever. 

The fans of Rajini Kanth (now in their 40s or more) are still hoping his entry into active politics, and Seeman being against that in entirety will get him brickbats more than bouquets. 

So what is Seeman for, if he is against almost everything? He is for Tamil unity on the basis of ‘language’ than on the basis of casteism, and religiousness.

Well, the moment you put down the upper castes of Tamil Nadu predominantly the Iyers and Iyengars who constitute 3 per cent of the Tamil population but hold 75% of the overall wealth, you lose their support and also the supports of all the opinion leaders who work under them in the newspapers, magazines and the media company they own. On the other hand the numbers of Christians and Muslims minority votes are negligible in a country that has 85% Hindus dwelling in it. 

The youth whom Seeman predominantly targets assuming them to be the future strength of his party have no identity of their own. They have an important choice to make at their tender ages – whether they should emigrate to a better country or get themselves entangled in this bloody Tamil nationalism. It is quite obvious what they would choose for the betterment of their individual lives than their Tamil land. 

Seeman is no doubt a revolutionary with ideologies par excellence, but then he is a right leader at the wrong place at the wrong time. That is of course unfortunate, but then he has to live with it. 

PS: I personally like Seeman, his speeches, and his ideologies but will I ever vote for his candidates representing him?! It is a big ‘NO’. Yeah, it is very much possible that I might change my place of residence, change my voting constituency, move to a place where Seeman himself is going to contest – then I assure my vote is for Seeman!

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